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Baby Darwisy Ajad

Latest Darwisy face as of today 26/08/2009
Darwisy 3 day old
This is my third time I have gone thru caesarean section to delivery my third baby (Ahmad Darwisy Ajad) on 09thFeb.2009 at HUKM specialist Centre under Prof DR Zainul Razi.

alia and Prof Zainul

I had reached my 38 week of pregnancy, my doctor told me to be prepared for a caesarean.The moment i heard the work 'Operation', i started to sweat. i had read so much about giving birth.It was scary and yet it was something that i had to face. i had about a month to get mentally prepared for the caesarean.One thing that bothered me was whether to go for an epidural or a general anesthetic. It was a decision that only i could makewhether to be asleep or awake when i was cut open.i had an experience with general anesthetic before when i had a delivery my first baby a few years ago.i remember hating the feeling of nodding off. It was like i was choosing to miss out on an important eventin my life.With that recall, i choose to go for an epidural; nonetheless, the thought being awake throughout the whole process still scared me.I had not conquered my fear of the labors roomi was so happy that my hubby allowed into the room. The an aesthetician injected the epidural into my back, and the bottom half my body slowly became numb.My heartbeat was also monitored.Everything was ready in less then 10 minutes, and then the doctor came in. He asked me are u ok? i'm just smile at him attempt to calm my self down.Then, the doctor started to operate on me. My view was blocked. As a result, i could not see anything, but he told me what his was doing every step of the way.The epidural actually is not epidural they being told me it was moffin) was amazing as i could feel everything the doctor touches, pressures and movements, except the pain! i was nervous, anxious and curious.Finally the doctor said 'All right, i’m going to pull the baby out'. i felt great pressure and some movement from my abdomen, and my baby was out!He cried immediately. His eyes were closed when he was handed in front of me. At that time, i was being stitched, but i could still touch him with one hand.When they were about to finish stitching me up, i started to feel chilly. i was really feeling cold.i was told that it was one of the side effects of the epidural. This went on for more than an hour. i was wheeled out much later than the baby and everyone wasgetting a bit worried when they handed my baby to me. i did not know exactly what to do until the nurse told me to kiss him.i was told that one of the reasons for taking an epidural during a caesarean section was to ensure that the first person a baby would see was his parent.However, my baby had his eyes closed when he was handed to me, and my hubby was'qamat' to him.Even though my first birth experience had been scary, if given the choice again, i would definitely opt for an epidural caesarean section!. That is what I have been choose for my third caesarean I am just glad that everything had gone well and i have a lovely, healthy boy his name (Darwisy) and now he is on his way to one year old).