This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


Alia's Lettering

How touching i'm when alia wrote the doa by herself... She notices that I’m not read the doa when I look at the mirror.
She ask me: Umi, not performing the doa, then I said I don’t know the doa. (I don’t want to lie to her so I tell her the true)
she go to her room and a few minute later she came back to me, and ask me to close my eyes.
then she show to me the doa that she has wrote and put it in my hand bag…
Moral of the story: Our kids always alert on what we are doing. So we have to show the best example in front of them.
See the picture I have taken, 5 Years old kid, She can write the doa very well..…I ‘m not expect that she doing it like this… Alhamdulilah i'm more than happy for her.