This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


NOTE S to my all colleague ….

Yesterday I have assign to new project….Alhamdulilah I'm in high spirits with the new team very supportive and helpful ….therefore I'm still need to taking care my previous project ….THANK YOU to all my friends….i'm gonna miss my previous team mate and not put out of my mind to THANK YOU to all my user's your supportive, co-operation, friendships that you guys given away to us it very much appreciated without all your support   the system were not happened as we can see today….May ALLAH will counter all the superior that was done to us. Insya ALLAH
Syukur Alhamdulilah all the grant that ALLAH is given to us  HIS gratification …. Amin..amin..amin.
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