This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog



Alhamdulilah I’m done what I have suppose to do….Released my entire burden that I have been conceded all this while.

Thank you for your prayers dearest brothers and sisters. I need it and appreciate your efforts of sparing your thoughts, virtual and physical hugs, as well as moments to pray for me. Your supports are like cushion that protects me from a hard fall. Your advice and reminders are cleansing my heart. Allah is definitely telling me that I have love surrounding me. And I want to be fair that I must love and spread love to my surrounding too.

That is what i'm doing now....

Love all of you…..


Bandung day 2

shopping till you drop...hahhaha at Pasar Baru...lantai berapa entah ..tak ingat..
kain pasang.....pilih....jgn tak pilih...Darwsiy dah start bosan..
emmm makan time
ha...tu dia...
Tangkuban parahu...the place we should go...

We are fed up with the streets seller people huh uh force us buying their thing that he/she had carrier. Actually we have a few time told them "Enggak mau mekeseh"

"The Board" every one come here must take one shot....bukti la kira nyer...dah sampai kat sini
The two family...ciare and her hubby.

Baby Sitter

Baby sitter said he do not know how to drink....i don't think sooo.....he just wanted to boycott or protest.
Look... he be able to hold the bottle him self at home....we need to give him time to regulate his routine at baby sitter house
Darwisy stay with baby sitter. 14.04.10 -First day i have sent him to the baby sitter the whole day he cried and demand want him to be the baby sitter carried him. Pity the baby sitter....hope the baby sitter can handle him. 15.04.10 - Today what he did....Totally he refuses drink milk in the bottle , feed him used spoon, cup etc. 16.04.10 - Do not know what he plan to do.....Darwisy please....Umi have to go to work....please..