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Make your Own Way -Pizza

Asslamualaikum and Good Morning every one, Don’t believe me…those who know me personally… …How lazy I’m too cooked. But after quit some time has blogging. I have an interest to cook while my daughter keep asking me….to baked a cake or cookies….that is why I’m doing it now. Normally what I did just buy the food etc….our kids now day very clever …….Alia's Complaint " How came you are not cook umi, her friend's mom always can cook. something that she really MISS it .Matter of the time being together, she can’t expression thier feeling to us ….that is what I have noticed from her face and body language. In fact she proud bring the food at her Taski….all the way to her Taski she keeps smiling… Thanks to my friend who has encourage me…’blogging’ Ciare, Ann for sharing the recipe love you guys!….
Before See the picture u all know the taste hehehe....emmm yummy
Those who want to give a try just go to this blog