This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


ALia Achievement

Dearly Sweetie

Note for Alia:

First entry in years 2010, Alhamdulilah alia almost complete her Qiraati 5, Insya Allah she will read Holy Quran soon. My prayer for her can finish the Holy Quran by end of this year Insya Allah. Umi's really hope that Alia can practice what ever you have learned during your childish time until your last breath.


Trust your heart don't be afraid to reach out something new .Go ahead get your hopes up even things turns out differently than you have imagined. You will try your best, learned harder and never give up. It seems to me what wears us down the most in life aren't the chances we take but the ones we don't take, the dreams we put aside, the adventure we push away. So what ever you want in life go for it and always remember no-matter what trust your heart

With love, Umi

-- lina