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Finally we gonna wrapping soon

Accessing the application through ipad1 with safari browser, Android with fennet browser and notebook with IE 7 and above. This is my latest project with the company....i'm really proud of the application that we had developed within two months ....this is a very tight project which is we have to completed everything in 6 month using share point really amazing we have done this....look at the output...displayed on ipad....look gorgeous.... :) Last but not least THANK YOU to all the user's that very supportive , tolerate , cooperative and friendly to us. To all TEAMMATE Thank YOU for being together during our hard time, Pressure and Crisis…the best moment that we went through together…..ALL the memories, friendship, knowledge sharing, and food sharing….everything that I can’t list here…. To my ex PM, ex friends who involved this project....YOU really make it happened.... Thank YOU to ALL my FAMILY for understanding and full support. Alhamdulilah...syukur... 4 comments

Macaron again...

Yeah…really make my day….macaroon again…actually I wanna to bake my own macaroon…however my current situation at this moment not allows me to do so…

My friends and me purchase this macaron at this restaurant Nathalie's gourmet studio.

The variety of the selection of the macaroon of your flavor.