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Lunch @ Jaring

Cuttlefish... i like.

Assalamulaikum dan selamat pagi,

Our Lunch time with my old friend zue on last friday....this restaurant recommended by fina. Thanks Fina share with us a very good place to eat Nasi Campur...

Here we go....Lets the picture will tell you...

Normally Nasi Campur restaurants as somehow the food does not taste fresh but I was blown away by this place located at Bandar Sunway opposite with Sunway pyramid. It's packed during lunchtime with people queuing up to take food from a buffet side board of in the order of fifteen feet long. You start with the large variety of ulams, kerabus and vegetable dishes. The wide length of the table plus the large crowd hanging in front of it, it's really impossible to take pictures but I managed to capture in two - this one which shows the vegetable selection.

(plus..Shame to take more pic as everyone looking at u….hahaha) Yes… I will sure when you enter into the restaurant, Automatic your mind set will decide to eat the nasi campur ….plus…after you looking at the variety of the selection of the dish…believe me.

You also get a good selection of desserts and teatime snacks in the front area which is also buffet style. Help yourself to creme caramel, doughnuts, cucur udang, goreng pisang to complete your meal or to eat for teatime.

If you're within the area, do try this place as the food is really good. The only problem with this restaurant is parking during lunch time you have to come early. These restaurants open during the weekdays and Saturday only.

Note : A bit pricy, variety range of food and delicious. I love their fried cuttlefish and sambal tempoyak daun ! Beef soup is delicious too.

Restoran Jaring 48, Jalan PJS 8/2 Bandar Sunway Mentari Petaling Jaya


Happy Teacher DAY

To ALL the TRACHER in the WORLD.... WE found GUIDANCE, FRIENDSHIP, DISCIPLINE & Love Everyting in ONE person And That person is YOU Teacher.... Happy TEACHER Day !!! 0 comments

Happy Teacher DAY