This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


First time go to the beach

Cantik nyer laut umi !..tu yg Darwisy fikir kan agak nyer...luas pulak tu.... Darwisy pertama kali meletak kan kaki atas air laut.....terdiam melihat air yg banyak tak abis2....panggil pun dia buat tak tahu jer...
Ketakutan tp tetap maintain tak nangis
Start excited...tak sempat nak main lama hujan dh turun.

Sad News!

Today I just heard bad news from my closed friend….yup I’m cried….she is loss someone in her life…So in my humble blog I would like to dedicate this to HER….

Allah knows your heart, He sees every action that you do... all your prayers and supplications..... He knows what is best for you. I admire your steadfast devotion to prayer and your determination in carrying on with life….I pray that you will be blessed mightily for your persistence.

The warm rays that YOU fell Everyday…

Are not JUST sunshine


Who want to let YOU know

They are WATCHING over YOU

ALL the time

Because YOU are very very special!

Hope you are feeling much better my dearest friend. I have always looked up to you and you always say what I need to hear. I am so blessed to have you my friend. Please feel better. My prayers are with you each day. Just want you to know how much inspiration you have been to me. True Friends are hard to find. May the Angels rays surround you today and always...

With love....