This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


Friday...girls outing it...


Thank you for caring,

Thank you for listening,

Thank you for the laughter

Thank you for ALL of the good times,

Thank you for your support,

BUT most of ALL!

Thank you for being a wonderful,


Alhamdulilah walminah....

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Terung grill bersambal tomyam

Assalamulaikum semua.....
Ni nak tayang terung grill yg sgt sedap....dh beberapa kali buat...sebelum ni bulan puasa tak sempat nak ambil gambar.....ambil recipe drp blog kak nor ni nak try ikan siakap goreng/ kukus tomyam pulak...tqvm kak nor....mmg sgt berbaloi.... 0 comments