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Breastfeed Journey - AMAZING

His current cloth size

Darwisy stock at Nursery

Darwisy,Me,Alin with her baby, Ku, and aira (Lunch Hour during BF time) The group BF that i called them 'BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUP' I decided to BREASTFEED for many reasons, but the two biggest reasons were the health of my child and the money I would save doing it. And my husband was very supportive, as well. In preparation for my new role as a breastfeeding mother, I did a lot of research on the internet, bought numerous BOOK on the subject, and read as many message boards as I could get my eyes on! Still, I was not as PREPARED as I would have liked to be - reading about breastfeeding is quite different from doing it! I Returned to work when my baby was 2 MONTH old. By this time, we had turned a corner and breastfeeding was going much more smoothly. At work I pumped three times per day. My abundant milk supply has made PUMPING easy but because the BREASTPUMP is not as efficient as a nursing baby. One day I have to put Darwisy ad-hoc at NURSERY because of certain reason at that time and from there we meet a friends who has done BF. So I called them BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUP. They are a few friends that I meet Azlyn, Lina, kuHaslinda, Sue and more instead I can’t remember their name. It changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but hearing the STORIES from other mothers, especially those women who were going through the same things or even experiencing much worse problems, changed my perspective completely. I felt proud that even though we were experiencing trouble, my baby was thriving on my milk. We weighed my BABY and I learned that he had gained .It gave me the motivation to keep going. By the time Darwisy was 6 months old, I had stored 50 bottle = 6ounces each of milk stashed in my freezer. Darwisy is turning one year old in a 2 month, and he weighs 9.5 Kg, which means he wears 24m clothing! He has taken slowly to SOLIDS, and milk is still the primary source of his nutrition. He is wonderfully healthy, and the happiest baby I've ever met. He now wiggles and pinches and stands while nursing. It is one more challenge to overcome in our nursing relationship - a relationship that I expect will continue until Darwisy decides he is ready to cut the ties to his babyhood. When he does STOP NURSING, I can honestly say I will MISS it!