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Cheer yourself Up At Work

1. Smile - Force yourself to smile even if you don't feel like it. This tricks your brain into thinking you are happy. You do want to be happy don't you? Try it and see what happens, okay then - a big cheesy grin. Your colleagues may think you are up to something but that is their problem! 2. Spend time with people who are happy - Happiness is infectious. 3. Reward yourself - If there is a job you hate doing just get it done but promise yourself a reward when it is done, whatever is your fancy, a naughty but nice bun, chocolate or a drink after work. The peace of mind that comes when you have done that job makes it a double reward. 4. Clear up your clutter - The ancient art of Feng Shui believes that getting rid of clutter rids your work space of negative, stuck energy and allows space for positive energy to surge into all aspects of your life. Whether or not you believe this, it is an undeniable fact that clearing out what you no longer want or need makes life easier. No paperwork should be on your desk now that you do not intend to deal with today. When your work area is neater, it feels more spacious and is easier to work in. 5. Get rid of emotional clutter - Everyone has said and done things they regret. Do anything you can to repair the damage or, if that is not possible, at least forgive yourself and toss it out of your life. Imagine screwing it up into a ball and tossing it into the waste bin. 6. Take action - If something is troubling you, be it a health problem, personnel problem, debts, company politics etc. take as much advice as you can to sort it out now. When you face up to problems you often find the reality is less stressful than worrying about it. 7. Think positive thoughts - When you leave home each morning say and mean "I'm going to have a great day" rather than thinking "Oh no another dreary day at the office to get through". The former attitude will attract good vibrations and positive fun people to you, the latter will be a self-fulfilling prophesy. 8. Read happy books and poems - Try 20 inspiring Quotations compiled by Colleen Moulding for a start. 9. Try to laugh more - Apparently children laugh approximately 400 times a day yet adults laugh only about 20 times a day. When did we lose our sense of fun? Laughing is known to send chemicals around the body with healing properties as well as making us feel better so claim back your laughter. Look for the funny side of life, laugh at other people's jokes (however feeble) rather than just your boss's feeble jokes! Look at the site that tells you what record was No.1 when you were born ( and check up on your friends as well (the UK charts started in November 1952, US charts started January 1955). 10. Do something new - If you have foreign staff, customers or branches learn their language. If you have a computer system you don't understand, take the trouble to understand it. Take an interest in voluntary committees. Take part in company social and sporting activities. Visualise yourself as a success and think of the benefits and richness it will bring to your life and work. Once started follow it through to the end no matter how many problems you encounter at the start. An added bonus will be an increased self-esteem and respect from your fellow employees. 11. Take time to visit old friends and colleagues that may not be entirely necessary for your work - It is easy to get into a routine that cuts you off from former colleagues. It is also easy these days to send an e-mail rather than walking over to talk. If you have a good joke, tell it to your colleagues in person, they will often respond with a joke or share some gossip. Talk through problems don't just send an e-mail, the results are nearly always more positive. 12. Brighten up your work space - Sunshine colours bring positive vibrations. Take the trouble to find the colours that cheer you up (try visiting Colour Therapy. Decide what colour you need and find something with this colour. Clear your mind, take a few deep breathes from your belly and stare at the colour. Breath in the colour, feel it seep into your skin and deep inside you. Keep breathing deep and slow.), surround yourself with positive colours even if only a new mouse mat to start with. 13. If you are involved with a project try to make it as much fun as possible - Publish a monthly magazine with a joke, competition and gossip as well as the business information. Try to make statistics interesting (but don't let fancy graphics lose the message). How about play acting any "as is" and "to be" demonstrations and throw in some cartoons ( but note any cultural issues here, I was advised not to tell jokes when making business presentations in Germany for instance). Have a look at the Thyssen case study as an example. 14. Start a kindness chain - Help someone in need; maybe someone whose car has stuck in the car park and needs a push, pick up something that has been dropped, help someone carry something heavy etc.. Do not ask for any thanks but ask them to help the next person they see in need. It really makes you feel good about yourself. In conclusion - Take the happiness option whenever possible; you do have choices. You have to be responsible and get the job done but do try to spend as much of your day as possible having fun and, chances are, you will do a better job because your heart will be in what you are doing. 2 comments