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Tag taken from kakchik

Actually, am not being tag from anyone anyway!…unfortunately I like this kind of tag…it’s really fascinating…These tags I originate out from Kak’s. I would like to ask her permission to allow me to take this tag and pass it over to my friends who really love to answer.…I believe this tag would be good and more to Islamic question…so I do hope they are enjoy answering this kind of question.

1. What is your first do’a or Quran in the morning?

When I woke up I always say Alhamdulillah first and recite the waking up du'a and Bismillah. That's a daily routine that I have done.

2. What is your last doa or Quran for the night?

I'll recite the ayaatul Qursi, 3 Qul and the du'a before sleeping together with my kids. It’s a MUST switch on the music player with slow sound ayaatul Quran like a Surah Yassin and etc b4 my kids sleep by itself.

3. What is your favourite surah in the Quran?

My favourite surah would be Al-Mulk,(In progress to memorize ) Yassin as I want my daughter to memorize the whole ayaat properly. That is our routine after maghrib.

4. What is your favourite Islamic hobby? Islamic hobby?

Islamic hobby...currently I’m reading kitab “INI LAH JALAN KU and is in a progress learning process with the ustaz.

5. What do you live for?

I live for Islam and of course everything starts at home. I'll make sure that everyday my husband,my kids, my family, my friends and community, all are happy with me. I know I'm not perfect so I try my best to follow what Islam has teaches me in every aspects of my live. it's not always easy but obstacles and tribulations make my iman stronger and I live with the thought that may Allah bless me everyday. ( Sorry kak chik the answer is the same with you so that I’m not going to remove it)

6. What is your greatest indulgence that is Halal?

Starting collect and buying new abayat and starting wear it at any where…but still in stage by stage….Its make me feel more happy in new look and the most important i want close to ALLAH. Insya Allah.

7. What is your worse fear?

Yup I do wish that I could die in in su'ul khotimah….if look at my self its really long way to go…I need to be prepare by now…I do hope I can do this step by step I’ll change my life style to be more properly in anything.

8. What makes you angry most?

People do talk about HUKUM. It’s simply just base on their thought… Masyaallah. Some time they just play with HUKUM.

9. What is your inspiration to be a better Muslim?

Me at this moment its really far away masyaallah…. Therefore in the progress do better for my self and my kids.

10. What is your best Islamic habit?

Being friendly and behave modestly.

11. What can you do to make Muslims better?

if I have really good point I’ll talk directly if not I just put the article in my blog so that others can benefit it. Insya Allah…

12. If you had a million dollars what Islamic charity would you give to?

Give the money to build up the Yayasan like Yayasan Assofa.

Tag 5 Muslimahs to do this.

I want this people do they are;


2 Hidayah


4) Ica


Please do and take your time ya…Thank You kak chik!ooopss i forget to mention...And i also would like to thanks to stylomom with this tag to kak chik and alhamdulilah kak chik did it very well.


Prawn Mee Medan Selera Duta

Hi all, today we got opportunity to go out from our office to have our lunch...Anyone familiar with Jalan Duta area..or not….i guess so… those are not know the place ya the Land Mark is opposite with Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur.. Pak Wan stall can be reach at stall number one. Look at the picture above.

Look at the Prawn Mee it's cost only RM4.....emmmm let's eating....
tara..tara...see the serving dish of my firends.....clear....
This picture is the owner of the stall....very friendly mak cik....
ABC for my friends
Teh Bunga is for me.... anyone can share with me your experience with her prawn mee or others menu. OR could suggest others place also can, you are most welcome...

Tasik Titiwangsa KL

Jalan2 naik kereta kuda.....
First time darwisy went explore new thing....
Darwisy ketakutan.....keras jer badan....lutut terus lembik....
wah kakak steady.....