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Happy Birthday Alia

ALia at Pizza Bandung Today is alia''s Birthday.. turn to 6 year old now. Happy birthday sayang! Alia, At times we wish you wouldn't have grown up so fast But then we realized that would keep us From seeing you turn into the nice young kids That YOU are today... we will post new picture of alia soon once we came back from our vacation... With love, Umi, Abah and Darwisy


Alhamdulilah i'm millionaires now..... yeah :)The face shown not that happy or sad... hope every thing it goes fine. Life must go on as usual..
Look at the picture every one know where 4 of us to go ....hope fully after we are come back from this vacation we will hear good news...for lil Darwisy... and the rest of the family. Insya Allah.

He (Allah) tests us like this...

Since last week my heart was feeling not right. Live is life to be the fullest. That's what I'm holding on at the moment. Cherish each day. That's what I trying to realize. Smile and think happy thoughts. Those are the things that would absolutely cheer me up. Always think good of Allah and His tests upon us. That's what I will start with. Laugh, live and love. That's what I want to broaden. Counting my blessing and always be grateful. Those are the lesson of test from him (Allah). We can say life is unfair but we must not to say God is unfair. Life is meant to be unfair so that we can get the mystery of life and flourish on. I want to share a friend's sent an email to remind me: We never get what we want. We never want what we get. We never have what we like. We never like what we have. And still we live and love...

That's the life...

To my friends..Thank you for being next to me and offer me your shoulders when I need one...



Lets us learn about type of thalassemia

There are four types of alpha thalassemia. Each type represents the loss of or damage to one, two, three, or four genes.

  • One gene: If one alpha-globin gene is missing or damaged, you will have no symptoms and will not need treatment. But you are a silent carrier. This means you don't have the disease but you can pass the defective gene to your child.
  • Two genes: If two alpha-globin genes are missing or damaged, you will have very mild anemia that will not need treatment. This is called alpha thalassemia minor or alpha thalassemia trait.
  • Three genes: If three alpha-globin genes are missing, you will have mild to moderately severe anemia. This is sometimes called hemoglobin H disease. If it is severe, you may need blood transfusions.
  • Four genes: If all four alpha-globin genes are missing (alpha thalassemia major), the fetus will be stillborn, or the child will die shortly after birth.
  1. Step 1

Avoid foods that contain iron. Some thalassemia patients must get regular blood transfusions. This causes an excess build up of iron in the body which can damage the heart and other organs. Proteins that are high in iron and should be avoided include liver, oysters, pork, beans, beef, peanut butter and tofu. Grains that are iron rich include flour tortillas, infant cereal, and cream of wheat. Fruits and vegetables that contain iron and should be avoided include prunes, watermelon, peas, broccoli, raisins, spinach, and leafy green vegetables.

  1. Step 2

Eat plenty of foods that contain calcium. This is extremely important for keeping the bones strong and healthy. This is crucial for people who have thalassemia since frail and brittle bones can be a complication of the disease. Dairy products are a good source of calcium. An added benefit is that dairy products reduce the body's ability to absorb iron.

  1. Step 3

Include vitamin D in your diet. Vitamin D is needed so that the body can absorb calcium. Vitamin D is contained in eggs, dairy products and fish.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't cook with iron pots and pans because some of that can seep into the food.
  • Avoid foods such as orange juice, which can increase the body's ability to absorb iron.
  • Tea and coffee can help reduce the amount of iron the body absorbs.
  • Always read nutrition labels to check iron levels in foods.
Thalassemia is also called Cooley's Anemia

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To my beloved hubby,

Do read this to find more info about Thalassemia so that we are not lack of knowledge. So on our next visit we know exactly what to ask the Doctor.

What is Thalassemia? Thalassemia is a group of genetic blood disorders that affects the body's ability to produce a protein in the red blood cells called hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. When there is not enough oxygen, our organs and tissues will not function properly. People with thalassemia have less hemoglobin than normal, thus suffer from mild to severe anemia.

Who is at risk? Because thalassemia is a genetic disorder, it can only be inherited from parents who have the defective genes. Genes determine our characteristics including the color of our eyes, our skin tone, and even some genetic diseases.A child who inherits one normal gene from one parent and a thalassemia gene from another is a carrier of the disease. A carrier has no symptoms of thalassemia and lives a healthy life.When two carriers become parents, for each child they bear, the chances of the child developing thalassemia are:

- one in four chance that he/she will receive a thalassemia gene from each parent. In such case, the child will develop thalassemia.

- one in four chance that their child will receive normal genes from both parents.

- one in two chance that he/she inherit one normal gene from one parent and a thalassemia gene from another, becoming a carrier of the disorder.

People from Asia, Mediterranean, Greece, Italy and Middle East Africa tend to have a higher risk of developing thalassemia:

What are the different types of thalassemia? Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells, is made up of two chains, an alpha chain and a beta chain. These two chains are made from specific genes we inherit from our parents. When these specific genes are not working properly, hemoglobin production is affected. There are two major types of thalassemia.

Alpha Thalassemia A child inherits four genes, two from each parent, that control the production of hemoglobin alpha chain. Alpha thalassemia occurs when one or more of these genes fail to work properly. The severity of alpha thalassemia depends on the number of defective genes:

1. Silent Carrier

With one defective gene, the body still makes hemoglobin. Therefore, the person will not feel any symptoms and can lead a normal and healthy life.

2. Alpha Thalassemia Minor

The loss of two normal genes causes the red blood cells to be smaller than usual. Except for possible mild anemia, patients remain in good health.

3. Hemoglobin H Disease

Hemoglobin made from only one gene does not carry oxygen properly. Patients with hemoglobin H disease can suffer from severe anemia.

4. Alpha Thalassemia Major

With all four genes failing to produce the alpha chain, the body has a significant loss of hemoglobin which results in a severe form of anemia.

Beta Thalassemia Unlike the alpha chain, the production of hemoglobin beta chain is determined by two genes, one from each parent. The severity of beta thalassemia depends on whether one or both of the genes fail to work properly.

Beta Thalassemia Minor occurs when one beta gene is defective. People with beta thalassemia minor have smaller red blood cells, but no major health problems.

Beta Thalassemia Major (also known as Cooley's anemia) is the most severe form of thalassemia in which both beta genes fail. The body makes little or no beta chain which results in severe anemia. What tests can be done to diagnose thalassemia? Simple blood tests can determine the amount of hemoglobin and the size of red blood cells. It can also measure the amount of iron to rule out iron-deficiency anemia. Prenatal screenings such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS), in which a small piece of placenta is removed for sampling, and amniocentesis, a procedure to test amniotic fluid, can detect thalassemia trait.

What are the symptoms of thalassemia? People with mild cases of thalassemia usually do not present any symptoms. In more severe cases of thalassemia, symptoms may include: weakness, pale skin or jaundice, dark urine, fatigue,light headedness, rapid heartbeat, abnormal facial bones and poor growth, protruding abdomen with enlarged spleen or liver.

How is thalassemia treated? In mild cases of thalassemia, treatment is not necessary, since patients do not have any symptoms. People with moderate to severe thalassemia may,require blood transfusion. The blood they receive consists of new and healthy red blood cells, which allow oxygen and nutrients to enter body cells. One of the side effects of blood transfusion is an excess load of iron in the body. Extra iron can lead to damage in body parts such as the heart, lungs,and liver. In order to prevent the damage, patients with regular blood transfusion also undergo iron chelation therapy. The treatment involves administering a medication under the skin to get rid of excess iron in the body.

The cause of anemia in thalassemia patients is different from those who suffer from iron-deficiency anemia. Therefore, eating iron-rich foods or taking iron supplements will not treat thalassemia. On the contrary, as described above, those who go throughChinese Community Health Resource Center P. 3 blood transfusion as a treatment forsevere thalassemia can have excess iron level that is harmful to the body.

As a result, thalassemia patients are advised to avoid iron-rich foods, such as spinach, beef, pork, lamb, liver, and dried beans. Thalassemia is a genetic disease that can only be inherited from parents who have the disease or are carriers.

Parents' genes are passed on to their children randomly. Therefore, there is nothing a parent can do to prevent passing on genetic disorders to their children. If you and your partner are suspected of having the thalassemia trait, genetic counselors can provide extensive medical information to help you make plans for future families.


Speechless-round of test from Him.

09.03.2010 I do not know where to start actually...In my mind so many thing come across i have to thing. Supposedly my lit darwsiy get his Injection for one year old, Unfortunately he is not well and his face look so pale... So the doctor have to suggest to us do the blood test. For the first time the blood test result show surprising both of us... 19.03.10 -Today Darwisy do the blood test again... and we have to wait two week to know the result.... Kebetulan my friend ada tulis pasal ni so i just copy and paste. Saya dah malas nak taip pasal thalassemia . Thanks ya ciare benar kan kak ina copy....and paste kat... To my beloved hubby read this.....please..... Assalamualaikum. saya doktor ciare. akan menerangkan kpd anda apakah thalassemia (padahal aku pon baru belajar. bisa kan kita kongsi bersama? ;p) So lepas aku study sket2. ini lah penemuan aku tentang Thalassemia dalam bahasa yang aku pahami. kang kalo aku copy paste dari internet kang mcm tidak bermoral sgt. konfem aku sendiri tak paham apa maksud dia ;p Maka, bila dipaham2kan, ini lah penemuanku :) 1 - thalassemia adalah penyakit yang berpunca dari keturunan atau dlm bahasa inggerisnya genetic blood disorder. 2 - anda berkata, 'eh parents aku okay je, makcik pakcik aku sume elok je, opah atok aku okay je. nape tiba2 anak aku kena? impossible!!' - ini contoh je k. anda salah. anda bernasib baik kerana ahli keluarga anda yg dekat2 tidak mendapat thalassemia ini. tapi anda tidak sedar, moyang anda mcm mana? saudara2 jauh anda mcm mana?? anda kenal mereka semua? adik beradik moyang anda, adik beradik opah atok anda, anda kenal? mereka semua tak mendapat thalassemia mungkin kerana anda adalah pembawa SAJE. dan kebetulan mereka kawen dgn org yang bukan pembawa dan bukan pesakit. jadi keturunan mereka berpeluang cerah utk sihat. 3 - thalassemia sebenarnya adalah kandungan sel darah putih melebihi sel darah merah. jadi bila sel darah merah sikit, oxigen dalam darah akan berkurang dan menyebabkan anda lemah2, organ dan tisu tidak berfungsi seperti org yang sihat. Symptoms: - lemah, kulit pucat, air kencing warna gelap, heartbeat laju, poor growth dan mcm2 lagi. - symptoms ini boleh dikesan pd bayi seawal 13-18 bulan. How to treat? 1 - blood transfusion - perlukan darah merah yg baru utk memperbaharui sel 2 - iron chelation therapy - The treatment involves administering a medication under the skin to get rid of excess iron in the body. 3 - so, pesakit2 thalassemia (juga anemia) kena menjauhi mkanan2 seperti bayam, daging, babi, kambing, jantung dan kacang parang. ini semua kaya zat besi so jgn kecoh2 nak makan. AKHIR KATA. Thalassemia ni walaopon melalui genetic, ia bukan wajib kena pada anak kalo salah sorg mak bapak carrier atau pesakit. ia adalah RANDOM. maka, berdoa lah pada ALLAH semoga penyakit ini tidak lekat pada keturunan kita. jika DAH TERKENA, berdoa pada Allah, mintak perlindungan dan ikut lah saranan doktor. Dah sampai stage ini, stress perlu dijauhkan. hubungan suami isteri pula makin rapat. demi masa depan anak2. Kepada kawan2 thanks a lot atas nasihat dan doa....


Congratulation to adik Muhammad Wajih Zakwan Hanif, 11, emerged winner of the inaugural Adik-Adikku reality show organised by the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) here tonight.

He walked away with prizes worth RM16,000 including an umrah (small haj) package and a laptop.

Contestants were adjudged on speech, tarannum, nasyid and Quranic verse recitation shown live over RTM1.Wajih, who beat six other finalists, said the contest helped build up his confidence and public speaking skills from Bernama


Manik -Manik

cantik tak corak ni....

Mee Bandung & Strawberry Cheese Cake

Saje nak kasi korang terliur cuba la recipe kat bawah tu senang jer.... Bahan-bahanBahan-bahan A:250 gm biskut mudah hadam - hana cume buh 180g je125 gm mentega tanpa garam - hana buh 90g Bahan-bahan B :200 ml krim putar(whipping cream) - hana campur yogurt250 gm krim keju165 gm gula kastor - hana buh 140g1 sudu besar jus lemonBahan-bahan C:15 gm gelatin halal100ml air- campurkan air dgn gelatin atas double boiler dan sejukkan selama 5 minit (hana gune air panas, kacau dan sejukkan)Bahan-bahan D1 pack strawberry - potong jgn besar sgt, nanti berat dan jatuh ke bawah.Topping:150 ml jus strawberry - hana gune jem stoberi jerk + 1sudu mkn gelatin + air sedikit = msk secara double boiler. Suamkan seketika then curahkan atas kek.1 sudu besar tepung jagung - x ltk Cara-cara Hancurkan biskut sehingga jadi serbuk.Sediakan loyang acuan berukuran 8 inci. Cairkan mentega. Tuangkan mentega kedlm bekas berisi biskut tadi. Kacau rata. Tekankan adunan biskut ke dalam loyang sehingga menjadi rata dan padat.Sejukkan dlm peti ais selama lebih kurang 30 minit agar ia menjadi keras. Pukul krim putar sehingga pekat dan gebu.Ketepikan. Pukul krim keju bersama-sama gula dan jus lemon sehingga sebati.Setelah itu masukkan gelatin dan gaul lagi sehingga sebati. Kemudian tuangkan bahan ini kedlm bekas yg berisi krim putar tadi dan gaul rata dgn menggunakan whisk. Keluarkan adunan biskut dlm peti ais.Tuangkan 1/3 adunan krim cheese td keatas adunan biskut.Ratakan dan letakkan buah strawberry.Akhir sekali tuangkan adunan sampai habis. Sejukkan di dalam peti ais sekurang2nya 3 jam. (hana dan k.zai cume masukkan 2jam jerk sbb dh keras) Buat topping dgn mencampurkan jus strawberry dan tpg jagung.Masak atas api yg kecil.Apabila telah mendidih,tutup api. - utk topping hana buat seperti di atas. Tuangkan jus stoberi hingga habis. Atur buah stoberi. simpan dlm peti ais skali lagi sebelum dihidangkan Mee Bandung ....yummm..

Am boy or girls

ayooo autie and uncle i'm a boy hokoyyy
it a boy ok...

Darwisy dah sihat

Darwisy ready to go.....bye..byee darwisy......

Darwisy fever

Darwisy demam sampai 39.2 amat menakutkan dua ibu bapa
lepas ambil darah
tidur ngan lena nyer.