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How to Potty Train Your One Year Old (Boy or Girl)

My daughter starts go to potty by her self at the age one year and 8
months. She herself requested to me that she don't want wear a
diapers. She starts permanently not wear a diaper after two three days
training at home. Then I informed the baby sitter at that time.
Hope Darwisy also can go to potty training at early age.

Here is some tip that we could share on...
1.Step 1
Have a good attitude about potty training. It does not have to be
something to dread or fear. It is just another learning milestone for
your baby boy or girl. No different than learning to walk or talk,
potty training should be seen as something to look forward to and
become excited about. If you are positive about potty training your
child will be too.

2.Step 2
As early as 5 or 6 months old you can start teaching your baby the
sign for potty, or start this now if your child is older. You need to
develop some communication about when your baby needs to go potty.
Since they may not be able to say "potty" sign language is the next
best thing. The sign for potty is to make the sign for "T" or "R"
while you move your hand back and forth. When you happen to see them
going potty in their diaper show them the sign and say "potty."
Eventually your child will make that sign back to you; but it may not
be for several months if your baby is young.
3.Step 3
Change your baby's diaper as soon as they are done. This forms a habit
for them of staying and wanting to be clean.
4.Step 4
Bring your child into the bathroom with you. Yes, share the
experience, kids learn by watching and then doing. So this is the
watching phase. While they are watching tell them what you are doing.
Say: "mommy potty" while you do the sign for potty.
5.Step 5
Now it's time for the experience phase. Put a kid's potty in the
bathroom. Take off your child's diaper and have them sit on the potty.
If they leave, that's fine, try again later. If they stay read a book
or chat and give them praise. Also put them on the potty when you are
using the restroom. If during any of these times they actually use the
potty then give lots of praise, high fives, hugs, and kisses.
6.Step 6
Once you feel your child (and you) are ready for becoming fully potty
trained then you can move to the final step. Next you will throw out
the diapers (except for at night) and spend a few days focused on only
one goal - using the potty consistently. Only you can really decide
when to take this next step but communication will be a huge help. If
you almost always know when your child is going potty, or they are
tell you by using the sign, then you are ready.
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