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Carbonara Mushroom

Our dinner last night.... look at the picture....
Step 1 Delicious.... Ready to eat...yummmy See...done... Thanks to Ann for the recipe...She love it very much...muachh. The recipe from ann's blog; Bahan - bahan : 1 ulas bawang besar (hiris dadu halus) 3 ulas bawang putih (hiris) cendawan kembang / butang (ikut suka korang nak mana satu) 250 gm daging kisar ( up to u guys ) garam secukup rasa 1 sudu besar lada hitam.. ( Optional) 1/2 cube stok ayam know 1 tin sos cendawan prego (tin biru) 1/2 paket Spegeti mee yang halus Add on Cheese and fresh milk 1/2 cup

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