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Bandung Trip 28/03-01/04/2010

Our journey to Bandung day 1 ....Oops sorry for the slow update, many people have been asking me when I was going to upload my Bandung trip pics! Here goes…..When you think of having a holiday in Indonesia, normally Bali would come to mind. Well, apparently for Indonesians themselves, Bandung is also a popular destination for a short getaway. One major reason is the many factory outlets located in that city and from what we have gathered from those who have gone there....

A result of pick strawberry she is able to drink a juice.. the juice is not bad she love it very much.

Alia has pick the strawberry in the farmhouse

We had our dinner at Kampung daun...I can't forget the Juice my self order strawberry+soursop. i can't remember what was they call it... the taste really good and yummmy. The place here cool and romantic gitu...(those plan to have a honeymoon do not know where to go here is the place should come) furthermore at that time it was raining. All of us are really hungry...actually we should order gurami bakar instead of gurami goreng..i guess.
we just arrived at Bandung airport Alhamdulilah.
Viewing b4 us landed
Waiting flight to Bandung....

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