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050510 One Year Jab Done

Took MMR jab on 05.05.2010 a few days ago. He is not takes the jab follows the time it supposes to take jab coz due to certain reason fever, bla..bla.. etc ….. The thing that I realize about him, When he saw the nurse and doctor suddenly he shouting and cried non stop. Huhuh I tell you…it really hard to control him during the jab session. What should i do to make sure his not phobia to see the Doctor again next time..any suggestion....please help me out.

His weight today: 8.9kg's. This is the average weight thankfully. What I should expect for the next couple of days.... Apparently about 30% toddlers will get fever and/or rashes as the effect of this jab. But, the rashes and/or fever should only come after 5 days and within 12 days after the jab. If in the next few days he has fever, then it is not due to the jab, but something else. So I will have to monitor him till for the next 12 days. Also, if rashes are developed, then it should only last 1-3 days. More than 3 days, it is better to get it checked out again. The next jab will be in a month's time, which is chicken pox. It is optional, and I am still weighing the pro's and conn's. But it looks like I will be taking him for the jab next month.


Mommyyus said...

anak u rupenye sebaya anak i, Abdul Rahman..dia pun br amek last week. alhamdullh xdemam sampai skrg. next month pun i nak pegi amek chicken pox jugak. better u amek je..skrg ni penyakit mcm2 ada...for precaution. ini i punye cadanganlah...

lina said...

Tp i takut sgt anak i mana ekkk..sgt susah ati kalau dia demam...alhamdulilah anak u tak demam...

Mommyyus said...

tp anak u belum demam kan?xde ape2 tu.....slalu kalau hari yg dia amek tu xdemam. isyaAllah ok.

Long Haffiz Long Hassan said...

mmg nk mintk bantuan kalo leh..
sbb xbiaser ngn area kl kn..
lgipun nnti nk kena cari bilik untuk sewa lagi
huuu..bnyk gk keje..

lina said...

yus, Darwisy dah naik rashes kat dahi. Mintak2 dua tiga hari dah hilang la.

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