This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter Alia and lil baby Darwisy. Thanks to those who has read my blog


Lil Darwisy 16 months old

hey it quit sometimes there no update about my lil Darwisy. Our baby boy, is 16 months old today. It’s hard to believe. I won't go on and on about how fast time passing by and all that. We all already know this. But still... it amazes me that my little baby boy is growing up to toddler :) Some new stuff: 1. Can count to 3. 2. Know where his eyes, nose, toes, and head and will point to them. 3. Follows directions and understands more and more things. 4. Did the touchdown dances. 5. Learn some new words everyday and try to repeat what we say. 6. Mimics us and do what we are doing. 7. Still loving to climb and stand on things. Climb on our bed and the couch constantly. 8. Loves hugs and kisses. 9. Now days, obsessed with books. This makes me very happy. 10. Loves chase and to be tickled. 11. Got 4 molars in now. 12. Still loves the peace at night, naptime, and car rides. Hides them in the house and magically appears with them out of nowhere. 13. Loves to eat broccoli, cake, muffins! 14. Runs everywhere these days. That is his preferred mode of transportation


ICA said...

Lina...kadang-kadang rasa kejap je the kids dah besar kan. Btw, pandainya Darwisy makan broccoli... my kids tak suka vege...tu yg pening tuuu...

lina said...

ica - Alhamdulilah dr baby samapi sekrang dia senang di jaga dan makan pun tak cerewet compare to kakak alia.

The Juggling Queen said...

eee dah besar, lebih kurang falisha je die... tapi falisha tak pandai ckp lg.. huh. :)

lina said...

The Juggling - Tak apa setiap kanak2 berbeza2...Insya Allah tak lama lg pandai la tu..

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