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Prawn Mee Medan Selera Duta

Hi all, today we got opportunity to go out from our office to have our lunch...Anyone familiar with Jalan Duta area..or not….i guess so… those are not know the place ya the Land Mark is opposite with Masjid Wilayah Kuala Lumpur.. Pak Wan stall can be reach at stall number one. Look at the picture above.

Look at the Prawn Mee it's cost only RM4.....emmmm let's eating....
tara..tara...see the serving dish of my firends.....clear....
This picture is the owner of the stall....very friendly mak cik....
ABC for my friends
Teh Bunga is for me.... anyone can share with me your experience with her prawn mee or others menu. OR could suggest others place also can, you are most welcome...

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