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Art Expo 2010

Raja Azhar's wife, her baby and me

They are very pretty indeed, though!!

I don't do any update since last week into lovely dairy …..Last week I have gone to art expo. Actually I hv a few thing want to share with.. most of all, having FUN. It's Malaysia's best known INTERNATIONAL art event.

Raja Azhar idris is a world renowned Malaysian glass artist and love of his chosen art form. Glass is fragile and delicate and not kind to mistakes. Raja Azhar does not only paint on the glass, he moulds them into shapes and gives them texture so it is more glass sculpture than just mere art. I had the honors according to his wife during my visit at his gallery and here were many art pieces in there that caught my eye, philistine though I am.

Subahanallah the amazing things people can do with art. I would share few picture taken during my visit… Don't you think so?

-- lina

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