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Giant lollipop!!

Dialog in between kakak and adik Kakak – Look darwisy giant lollipop…. Adik – without look at left and right (straight away run to the shop and take one lollipop for himself) Me - ya allah ( In my mind….how I’m going to tell them not buying the lollipop….. ) I told kakak the lollipop is too big for herself, ummi don’t think you could finish it. And yet it will be waste…..when I told her Nabi Muhammad s.a.w during his childhood he did not have opportunity to buy the expensive sweet like this(a few word more i can't remember what was i told her)…..alia will keep quiet for while ……..(I know my daughter alia is the person who is very respect to Nabi Muhammad s.a.w….without any question she can left the thing just like that) . Note: certain reason i'm not used this word always ya. Kakak – adik jom…. This photo was taken during us pick up my mom at airport…This boy and girls excited to buy this giant lollipop…..but I’m refuses to buy for them…... One lollipop it’s cost 49.90 per psc….. i can't imagine that i buy this lollipop coz of just to stop them from making noise.....finally Alhamdulilah I manage explained to the kids the sweet is not good for our health and bla bla bla….both of them just go like that….amin….my expectation especially to my lil darwisy will cry….. But He is not…..yeah…You are GOOD boy..... so mummy out there do you have any experience with this situation.....let's share it....And How do you handle this kids:)
Much loved this chocolate....this chocolate cheap in langkawi...Anyone go there.....pls buy for me...i'll repay it. ngeh...ngeh...ngeh


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said... macam2 kan! We would have been the same during our time too! :D

lina said...

love2cook - ya betul....our time hahaha i still remember bad thing i have done to my beloved mom....

Lelord said...

huhuhu menarik dan tertarik ngan lollipop ni

lina said...

lelord - mmg menarik :) tp tak sanggup nak beli

Anonymous said...

I was lucky 2b d only daughter ... quite spoilt but my late father & grandmother guided me right! So alhamdulillah, Im pretty decent. :)
My son has his negative side, but he is pretty decent too!
Apparently your children are growing up positively.
My prayers with UALL ... with good upbringing & your devotion, the children will be respectful, responsible, successful & honorable.

Sanna said...

Salam perkenalan.
Jengah ke mari dari laman Ddrfauziah.
Anak2 mendengar cakap .. baik la tu. Anak2 saya dulu meronta-ronta.

lina said...

Ddr fauziah - my life still very long way to go....hopefully it will good the whole of thier life.

sanna - Insya Allah semoga ianya bekekalan hingga ke akhir hayat mereka.

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