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Caramel Cake New Version

To finish one slice it is so easy...THANK YOU sasha..share with us a very lovely and attractive recipe to us.
Cake for our tea time as you can see the thick of pudding that i wish to be. Alhamdulilah..Awesome! the best word for this cake...My lil man always there to help me....isk...isk...he is so excited to eat caramel..
LinkWe wait untill abah and kakak come back ya lil darwsiy....surprise....again caramel cake for us. As i said this cake become our favorite cake. This is my 2nd time bake this cake it take almost one and half hour to prepare all the ingredient. Special Thank YOU to Tested & Tasted recipe Blog belongs to sasha. DO visit her link HERE Lets us check the recipe and this is for my future references NOT to forget special THANK YOU to Ita Johor. PART 1 - the caramel
2 tbsp of sugar
add sugar to the 8 x 3 baking tin
direct heat from the stove
melt sugar till it turn to brown
(keep stove fire medium)
- put aside
PART 2 - the pudding
3 yolks - (keep the white egg) 2 eggs 1 cup of condensed milk 1 cup of evaporated milk 1 tsp vanilla essence
combine all & hand whisk due to cond. milk used , i skipped the castor sugar:)) ( i also follow her not to add sugar)
then strained the mixture into sugar caramel ignore the ''cracking'' sound that occur when pouring the mixture it's happen due to the ''clashing'' hot & cold temperature. PART 3 - cake mixture ingredients 3 yolks - keep the white 135ml water 3 tbsp cooking oil 1/4 castor sugar 1 1/4 cup flour 1 tsp baking powder *** sift together baking powder & flour methods combine & hand whisk all the ingredients except the sifted flour & baking powder then gradually add flour & continue whisk till the mixture well combined. PART 4 - the meringues 6 white eggs 1/3 cup of castor sugar 1 tsp cream of tar tar methods pic 1 to 3 beat egg white till foam then gradually add in castor sugar , continue beating eggs add in cream of tar tar , beat the mixture till it turn to the stiffed foam (refer pic below) **** make sure all your utensils are dry and yolk are well separately.
pic 4 to 6 then combine meringue with the cake mixture - folded method at this point u can add what ever flavour as u wish when the mixture is well combine u can separate them to 2 (or more) and add in colour as u wish. meanwhile switch on oven to 170'c slowly scoop the mixture & pour it to the pudding mixture. the meringue mixture will be floating on the pudding mixture. keep on scooping & pouring the mixture till it finished.
using steam bath / bain marie method, put baking tin with the cake mixture onto the larger baking tin.
pour hot water into the external baking tin. (use the very bottom rack in your oven.)
bake for 45 mins to 55 mins (depends on your oven) - i baked it till 1 hour 20 mins with 160'c... ( LIna baked one hour as she said depends on ur oven ya friends)


Diana @ Melley Mey said...

wah cantik kejadian kek tu ler ... yg nie versi guna susu pkt tu yer lina... diana pun perna buat dah... sedap.. :)

ummi nor said...

Salam Ina, apa khabar u all? Sori tak sempat nak wish raya, minta maaf and so on...macam2 dugaan this year, lepas satu-satu..

Anyway, your caramel cake looks so tempting!Nak ambil resepi ye!Jemputlah ke rumah bila2 free ye Ina...

lina said...

diana - Ahamdulilah maha suci ALLAH. Dengan izinNYA maka terzahir ianya.

Ummi Wslm - Alhamdulilah kami baik juga...Alhamdulilah kami pun di duga oleh ALLAH dengan perbagai cara Alhamdulilah kami belajar redha dengan ketentuaNYA. Insya ALLAH.

Mari Kita menjadi hambaNYA yg sentiasa redha baik atas nikmat atau sebaliknya...Insya ALLAH.

Jika Lina lupa tolong ingatkan.

sasha rahmat said...

adoiiyaii awesome colournya lina.....!!! sy buat coklat colour tu x menyerlahsngt but cake lina niadoiiyaii..mau hantuk pala rasanya....hehehe

nway love the pic with darwisy staring at the cake...muahahaha...:))

ummi nor said...

Salam Ina, saya dah try buat...oklah! Nanti nak buat lagi dan lagi dan lagi!Nak dengar komen sifulah pulak...hehehe...

lina said...

Ummi nor - dah try nnt lina pi tengok ekk..pasti lagi cun chef yg buat

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