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Another Award

i have receive this supermom award from a blogger friend syigim currently stay in dubai...thank You syigim.

So i would like to share this supermom award with;
  1. Hana - always look at her recipe
  2. MamaFAMI - look at her recipe too
  3. haza - Mommy to be for 2nd baby
  4. hannah - mommy to be for 2nd baby too
  5. shida - mama to a fair of kids
  6. Yus - mommy with a fair kids too
  7. matul - mommy with a fair kids too
That all that i can share... keep it up blogging my dear friend...


hana said...

tima kasih lina atas penghargaan nih.. hana amik yer!

lina said...

terima kasih jugak sudi ambil :)

MamaFaMi said...

Salaam Lina...

Terima kasih banyak-banyak ye sudi ingat kat ma. Sorrylah baru hari ni nak datang collect. Life's been very hectic for me lately. Still is, tapi will try to find time to post all the awards in my blog ye. If only I am really a supermom, life won't be that hectic after all... hahaha.... big hugs to you dear.....

lina said...

seronok nya mama dah dtg collect...big hugs to u too. Take care

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