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Murtabak Mee Segera

The recipe i got from blogs mama and hana....Thank You..truly delicious.... here is the recipe...

Adapted from : Watie Ingredients : 1 packet instant noodle (curry flavour) 2 eggs 1 packet curry flavour (in the packet) 1 piece beef burger ~ diced (I used chinken burger ) 1 onion ~ diced 1/2 red capsicum ~ diced ( i didn't put) 1/2 yellow capsicum ~ diced (i didn't put) 1 tablespoon butter cooking oil

i add inti Karipap plus carrot..

Method : 1. Boil water and add in the noodle. Cook till noodles are soft. Put through a sieve. Keep aside. 2. In a bowl, break the eggs. Add in curry flavour and half of the diced onion. Keep aside. 3. In a pot over medium heat, add in butter. Once melted, add in the other half of the diced onion. Saute till translucent. Add in beef burger, red and yellow capsicum. Fry till beef burger is cooked through. 4. Add the burger into the eggs mixture. Add in the soft noodles and mix well. 5. Heat a bit of oil in a small non stick pan. Spoon the noodles onto the pan dan leave to cook. Flip it over so that both sides are well cooked. 6. Serve with tomato or chillie sauce. This is the non stick pan that I had used to prepare this murtabak.

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