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Tension...pls help!

emmmm so sad....really boring at new work place environment. No one in
here "mesra alam" every body looking at their pc don't bother other
ppl come and go around them....not even given a smile....huhuh...Ya


nadnye said...

alamak, mesti tak best, me pun akan pindah tempat baru

lina said...

emmmm sedih betulkan

Nadiah Sidek said...

mmg tak syok berada dlm situasi mcm tu. org kat sini lg la workaholic tp takde la pulak buat donno dgn org sekeliling

lina said...

tu la kat sini mmg cam tu.lina lebih suka kat site office...walaupun tention juga tp happy ngan kawan2 yg lain akan tolong menolong antara satu sama lain.

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