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Kek lapis lengit

Alhamdulilah....sarapan pagi dgn kek lapis lengit.....recipe collect from blog rima s'pore.....serious super duper....the flavor strawberry and layer not so kemas.....

Huh egg yolks 36...out of 36 i only use 12....hahaha....all the ingredient i have devide to 3.....tak sanggup guna 36....anyway.....patut la rima selalu tayang kek ni mmg tak rugi nak cuba....insya Allah next time nak guna 36 merah telur.....cake ini sgt sedap and moist....

Lepas keluar oven semua dh tak sabar nk try....tinggal ini je utk posing....

Okay babai nk pi mengundi pulak recipe lain kali....kalau tak korang google je taip lapis lengit ambil kat blog rima s'pore......tqvm it very much....

Okay ada yg dh pergi mengundi.....sgt teruja.....

lets check the recipe
400g butter - i used Anchor
200g margarin - i used wisjman butter
375g icing sugar

700g egg yolk - abt 36 - 40 eggs

50g Top Flour - i used hongkong flour
15g corn flour
15g milk powder

1 tbsp cocoa powder - i used valrhona
1/2 tbsp chocolate paste - i used toffieco brand

1 tbsp spekkeok powder


Preheat oven 170C.. grease a 9x9 pan (if u prefer a taller cake use 8x8 ok)
Whisk (A) till fluffy.. abt 15 mins using speed no 3/4
Lower ur speed to no 1 and add (B) one at a time.. continue to whisk till well combined.
Add in sifted (C) and whisk till well blended.
Divide batter into two.. add (D) into one part.. add (E) into another.
Once done u can start to grill ur cake layer by layer using upper fire.. each layer 7 mins. (I weigh my batter... each layer abt 96g.. i added prunes on every 2nd layer of the spekkeok batter)

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