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Best friend brother’s wedding

We went to wedding ceremony my best friend on Saturday 19.06.2010…

Congratulation to both of you….!

From this day forward,as you share life's joys and trials,may you always comfort one another with a smile...Always be together through both laughter and the tears... Depending on each other...Loving happily ever… after.Wishing you an "always" kind of love.

Her family member....
Us with bride and groom

My mom and her mom is a best friend, she and I also best friend since we are in from 3. I do hope our friendship to the last our breath Insya Allah.

Currently she is pregnant seven month after has been waiting 11 years...Congratulation to you. I’m glad for you...Alhamdulilah after she has went troughs the beleaguered on her awful time, she has 2 month to go...I wish you good luck and welcome to the club....dearly friend.

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